A Travelling Tattoo Artist

A Travelling Tattoo Artist

In the winter of 2020-2021 I travelled to Mexico with my tattoo equipment and bicycle touring gear. I was not sure how I would go about tattooing people in this country in which I did not know the language, but I was determined to learn as I went. Boy did I ever!

In an attempt to adjust to mine and my partners new life in Mexico, we decided to spend two months living in San Miguel de Allende. With its large expat community, it seemed to be a good place to ease our transition. We rented an Airbnb on the cheap (this was about 8 months into the pandemic) and started out to discover our new world. After some time exploring, I decided I could offer my tattoo services right out of the Airbnb. After discovering a lively expat Facebook group, I posted some of my tattoo portfolio and it was met with instant interest.

Curious to explore Mexico's tattoo scene further, I would go on to spend time as a guest artist at the lovely Corazon de Mexico (Heart of Mexico) tattoo shop - I was discovering that tattoo artists and nomadic lifestyles are very compatible!

Alas, our time in San Miguel de Allende was winding down and it was time to hop on the bicicletas and explore this country further from the saddle. We packed up our gear and off we went towards la playa!

We arrived on Mexico's west coast in a small surf town called Playa de Nexpa. Along our bicycle trip to the coast, we ran into an individual in Erongaricuaro outside a laundry mat. He was drinking a beer in his van and told his he had lived in Erongaricuaro for some years running an ecovillage. We told him we were headed to the Pacific and he told us to go to Nexpa. So, we went.

It just so turns out that we fell in love and decided to stay for many moons. In fact - and thanks to the gracious Medellin family of Nexpa - we decided to start a hobby bakery and tattoo shop.

This was a place full of life and possibility and I will forever treasure these memories in my heart.

In closing, I learned that with the right mindset, a healthy dose of kindness, and a willingness to try that you can create a beautiful and adventurous life.

To leave you on a fun note, here is a picture of me and my dearest roommate and companion from Nexpa, Mr. Kitty.

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