A Travelling Tattoo Artist

A Travelling Tattoo Artist

During the winter of 2020-2021, I embarked on a journey to Mexico, equipped with my tattoo gear and bicycle touring essentials. Although initially unsure about tattooing in a country where I didn’t speak the language, I was eager to embrace the challenge and learn along the way.

To ease into our new life in Mexico, my partner and I chose to live in San Miguel de Allende for two months. Known for its substantial expat community, this city seemed an ideal starting point. We secured an affordable Airbnb amid the pandemic and set out to explore. Soon, I found an opportunity to offer my tattoo services directly from our temporary home. After posting my portfolio in a vibrant expat Facebook group, I quickly garnered substantial interest.

My curiosity about Mexico's tattoo scene led me to guest spots at the renowned Corazon de Mexico tattoo shop, confirming how well tattoo artistry and nomadic lifestyles mesh.

As our time in San Miguel de Allende drew to a close, we continued our adventure on bicycles, heading towards the Pacific coast. Our travels brought us to Playa de Nexpa, a charming surf town on Mexico's west coast, recommended by a new acquaintance from Erongaricuaro we met outside a laundromat.

We arrived on Mexico's west coast in a small surf town called Playa de Nexpa. Along our bicycle trip to the coast, we ran into an individual in Erongaricuaro outside a laundry mat. He was drinking a beer in his van and told his he had lived in Erongaricuaro for some years running an ecovillage. We told him we were headed to the Pacific and he told us to go to Nexpa. So, we went.

In Nexpa, we found more than just beautiful vistas—we fell in love with the community and thanks to the welcoming Medellin family, we even started a hobby bakery alongside our tattoo shop.

This journey was a testament to the beauty of embracing new experiences with an open heart and mind. As a token from my travels, here’s a picture of me and my cherished companion from Nexpa, Mr. Kitty.

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