Fine line floral tattoo on a woman's hip, showcasing intricate and delicate floral designs.

Florals Forever!

We. Love. Floral. Tattoos.

Fine line tattoo of an ink cap mushroom and floral design on a woman's left tricep, highlighting delicate artistic details.

Mushroom Madness

We are stoked on the resurgence of fungi-fun!

Owl tattoo on the left inner arm, designed as a scar cover-up, showcasing intricate details and artistry.


We are grateful to play a role in people's healing journeys.

Kansinee, tattoo artist, smiling and greeting in a tank top, showcasing her floral arm tattoos.

Hi, I'm Kansinee

Thank you for being here. I am the artist behind Discovery Ink & Art. I hope you enjoy your time exploring.

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