Our Artists

Kansinee, tattoo artist, smiling and greeting in a tank top, showcasing her floral arm tattoos.

Kansinee de Graef

Born and raised in the Netherlands to Dutch and Thai parents, Kansinee now works and lives in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. Here, the wistful winter winds of the St. Lawrence River give way to radiant blossoms of colorful spring life, frolicking summers, and vibrant fall decay. Drawing inspiration from these ever-changing colors and quaint local charm, Kansinee finds each season brings new creativity to her work as a multimodal artist and tattoo artist.

As a tattoo artist, Kansinee focuses primarily on fine line and ornamental tattoos. Her primary subjects of interest include nature-inspired tattoos likes floral, animal, and mushroom tattoos.

Kansinee's principal mediums beyond tattooing are digital, watercolour, and pencil. Her subjects of interest are vast and evolve alongside her. You will often find she is captivated by themes including the natural world, flowers, plants, mushrooms, femininess, animals, geometrics, fractals, and psychedelics.

Kansinee is experimenting with a diversity of canvases for her art, including indie clothing designs, nature-themed art prints on mulberry paper, and much more!

Overhead photo on the Our Artists page showing Kansinee and her partner on yoga mats surrounded by bicycles and gear, illustrating their travel tattoo adventures across Mexico.

Travels & Adventures

Kansinee's Artistic Inspirations from World Travel

Kansinee’s artistic journey is deeply influenced by her travels. She has worked in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where the somber charm of "The Rock" provided a backdrop of melancholy and serenity for her art. Additionally, she spent time traveling by bicycle across Mexico and Europe, carrying her tattoo equipment, watercolors, graphite pencils, and iPad on her steel steed. While art served as her creative outlet, it was the connection and learning she shared with those she met that fueled her passion to explore and create.

Kansinee meticulously executing fine line tattoo work on a man's right inner arm, demonstrating her precision and skill with a tattoo machine in creating detailed tattoo designs.

Connection & Community

Art as a Medium of Expression and Connection

Beyond capturing the natural beauty and delicate intricacies of the world, Kansinee strives to forge deep connections through her unique art. Utilizing her artistic talents, she assists clients in expressing, honoring, or celebrating pivotal moments and profound emotions in their lives. This commitment to encapsulating stories, histories, and emotions through her nature-themed designs and fine line tattoo art offers a compelling medium for individuals to communicate beyond words, while also supporting their journey towards well-being.

Kansinee enjoying a sunny day playing with a cat, captured on the Our Artists page. This image relates to her role in promoting positive mental health through art.

Non-judgement & Inclusive

Advocating for Positive Mental Health Through Art

Through her own personal journey of discovery and healing, Kansinee has developed a deep passion for fostering growth and transformation in others. This dedication is why creating a safe, non-judgmental, and inclusive environment at Discovery Ink & Art is paramount. Kansinee uses her platform to enhance accessibility to counseling and coaching services, promoting mental well-being. She warmly invites individuals who seek to use art and tattoos as tools in their healing journeys—whether for body reclamation, emotional expression, or to navigate and overcome challenging experiences. At Discovery Ink & Art, all bodies and stories are embraced. Kansinee welcomes clients in Dutch, Thai, English, and increasingly, Spanish, ensuring a diverse and inclusive space for all.