At Discovery Ink & Art, we strive to create a world where everyone can feel comfortable and confident in being their authentic selves.


    To empower and inspire individuals through a distinct fusion of tattoos, art, and fashion that celebrates authenticity and supports positive mental health.


    Compassion | Non-Judgement | Reciprocity | Authenticity | Community | Respect | The Natural World

Mental Health Support: We partner with mental health practitioners to offer reduced-fee therapy and coaching, supporting psychological well-being in our community.

Fashion and Art: Explore our tattoo-inspired clothing, featuring unique apparel like floral prints and mushroom-themed apparel, and psychedelic fashion items. Each piece is crafted to reflect the beauty of the natural world and the creativity of our artists.

Inclusive Services: Our studio offers monthly sliding scale appointments for fine line tattoos and specialized scar cover-up tattoo services.

Community Engagement: Join us for workshops and seminars focused on art, tattooing, and mental health, all designed to bring together like-minded individuals.

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