Exploring Different Tattoos Styles

Exploring Different Tattoos Styles

Tattooing is an art form rich with diversity, each style distinguished by unique techniques, aesthetics, and cultural influences. Let’s delve into some of the most popular tattoo styles, helping you find the perfect match for your next tattoo at Discovery Ink & Art.
Traditional (Old School):

Characterized by bold, black outlines and a classic color palette (red, green, yellow, blue). Motifs often include anchors, roses, eagles, and nautical symbols, offering a timeless and iconic look.

Old School Eagle Tattoo Old School Nautical Tattoo


This style strives to replicate subjects realistically, using advanced shading and perspective to create a three-dimensional appearance. It requires high technical skill to capture life-like details.  

Roses Realism Tattoo Owl Realism Tattoo


Combining elements of sketching and painting, illustrative tattoos use techniques like cross-hatching and stippling. Designs often appear as if hand-drawn on paper. 

 Illustrative Whale Tattoo Illustrative Guitar Tattoo


Known for its thin, precise lines, fineline tattoos are delicate and elegant, often incorporating themes like florals and ornamental designs. Discover our Fineline Floral Tattoos.

Fineline Dog Tattoo Floral Fineline Tattoo

Black and Grey:Using shades of black and grey, this style emphasizes depth and contrast through meticulous shading and fine lines, ideal for dramatic and impactful tattoos. View more of our black and grey work on Instagram.

Black and Grey Horse Tattoo Black and Grey Guardians of Galaxy Tattoo


Mimicking watercolor paintings, this style features vibrant, flowing colors, often with minimal black outlines, perfect for abstract or nature-inspired designs.

Watercolour Paw Prints Tattoo Watercolour Lion Tattoo


A modern take on traditional styles, neo-traditional tattoos use bold lines and vibrant colors with more freedom in artistic expression.

Neotraditional Skull Tattoo Neotraditional Eagle Tattoo

Japanese (Irezumi):

Inspired by traditional Japanese art, Irezumi features colorful, detailed designs like dragons and cherry blossoms, rich with symbolic meaning.

Japanese Tattoo Black and Grey Japanese Koi Tattoo


Focusing on symmetry and pattern, geometric tattoos often incorporate elements like mandalas and sacred geometry. See more of our geometric tattoos.

Geometric Bee Tattoo Geometric Tiger Tattoo


Constructed from numerous small dots, this style is perfect for creating intricate designs like mandalas or pointillist art. See more of our Dotwork tattoos.

 Dotwork Buddha Tattoo Dotwork Mandala Tattoo

 Script and Lettering:

Centered around text, script tattoos can range from elegant calligraphy to bold typographic designs, often used for personal expressions or quotes.

Flowy Script Tattoo Roman Numerals Script Tattoo

These styles reflect just a fraction of what's possible in the expansive world of tattoo art. Many artists, including those at Discovery Ink & Art, blend elements from multiple styles to craft unique and personalized designs.

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