Kansinee de Graef

Born and raised in the Netherlands to Dutch and Thai parents, Kansinee works and lives in Brockville, Ontario, Canada where the wistful winter winds of the St. Lawrence give way to radiant blossoms of colourful spring life, frolicking summers, and vibrant fall decay. Inspiration is a seasonal affair driven by ever-changing colours and a quaint local charm matched only by the spirit of community.

Kansinee's principal mediums are tattoo, digital, watercolour, and pencil. Her subjects of interest are vast and evolve alongside her. You will often find she is captivated by themes including the natural world, flowers, plants, mushrooms, femininess, animals, geometrics, fractals, and psychedelics.

Travels & Adventures

Finding Artistic Inspiraton

Her work is inspired by the places she has been and people she has met along the way. She worked in St. John’s, Newfoundland where the sombre charm of “The Rock” provided artistic influences at the juncture of melancholy and serenity. For a period, she produced and sold art while travelling by bicycle across Mexico and Europe. She carried tattoo equipment, watercolours, graphite pencils, and her iPad while on her steel steed. While art served as her creative outlet, it was the connection and learning she shared with those she met that drove my passion to explore and create. 

Connection & Community

Art as a Medium of Expression

Beyond the surface of her interest in framing the beauty of the world is a deeper desire to connect with others. She hopes to use her art as a medium for others to express, honour, or celebrate meaning and significance in their lives. In this way, she hopes to use her artistic skills to capture stories, histories, and emotions in ways that are not bound by words or language.

Non-judgement & Inclusive

A Passion For Positive Mental Health

Through Kansinee's own personal discovery and healing journey, she has become passionate about supporting growth and transformation in others. This is why creating a safe, non-judgemental, and inclusive space is of ultimate importance to Kansinee, and also why she uses Discovery Ink & Art to promote accessibility to counselling and coaching. Kansinee also welcomes those looking to use art and tattoos as part of their healing journeys, whether that be for body reclamation, emotional expression, or to aid in processing & overcoming challenging experiences. At Discovery Ink & Art, all bodies and stories are welcome.

Kansinee welcomes clients in Dutch, Thai, English, and increasingly Spanish.