Meet Kansinee & Simon

Discovery Ink & Art was born out of the talents and passions of its founders, Kansinee de Graef & Simon Erlich. Kansinee and Simon’s story has romantic origins, with the couple serendipitously first laying eyes upon one another in an otherwise vacant hostel room in Lagos, Portugal. Kansinee, born in the Netherlands to Dutch and Thai parents, is a life-time artist and tattoo artist who started making a living as a graphite artist at age 16. Since then, Kansinee has spread her talents to the realms of tattoo, digital art, and watercolours having worked across Europe, Mexico, and Canada. You can find more of her personal work on her website Art by Kansinee. Simon, born in Canada, has had a more eclectic career first pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human geography before exploring work in education, career development, and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Simon now calls the counselling and mediation professions home, which he pursues through his own business Discovery Counselling and Mediation

Navigating international travel during covid-19

Pandemic Travel Adventures

Kansinee and Simon’s love conquered geographic and political barriers during the Covid-19 pandemic for them to be together, spending their time traveling Europe, living in Mexico, and spending a year in St. John’s Newfoundland throughout the turmoil. During the heart of the pandemic, Simon cycled across the Guatemalan-Mexican border, took a 15-hour bus, flew to Canada, quarantined for two-weeks, and then flew to Europe so they could finally be together. During these years, the seeds for Discovery Ink & Art were planted, including a brief stint where the couple created a tattoo and bakery on a remote surf beach on Mexico’s pacific coast called Tattoos and Treats.

A Passion for Positive Mental Health

Our Values

Through their own personal discovery and healing journeys, Kansinee and Simon have become passionate about supporting others and largely see Discovery Ink & Art as a vehicle to support growth and transformation in others. This is why creating a safe, non-judgemental, and inclusive space is of elementary importance and why the business promotes accessibility and positive mental health. It is also why Discovery Ink & Art artists welcome those looking to use art and tattoos as part of their healing journeys, whether that be for body reclamation, emotional expression, or to aid in processing & overcoming challenging experiences. At Discovery Ink & Art, all bodies and stories are welcome.