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Amanita Mushroom Sticker

Amanita Mushroom Sticker

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Deck out your favourite board, bedroom, office, laptop or water bottle with this flashy and fresh glitter and glossy Amanita Muscaria mushroom  sticker. This silky smooth design by Sea really knows how to catch your eye.  

• Glitter / Glossy 
• 2.8" x 3.4"

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Knowledge & Care

• Die Cut Sticker
• Hand drawn design by Sea
• Sticks well to hard surfaces
• UV resistant
• Fadeproof
• Waterproof
• Scratch proof
• Resistant to Cheetos fingers and other salty particulate matter


Did you know the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, also known as the "Fly Agaric" comes in a variety of mind-melting colours? From rich oranges and yellows to the classic Alice in Wonderland red, this cosmopolitan mushroom - although endemic to the Northern Hemisphere - is widely dispersed across the world. While the mushroom is toxic, it is sometimes consumed after the boiling out of toxins for culinary and ceremonial purposes. It is increasingly being studied for its medicinal properties, particularly related to sleep, anxiety, and inflammation.

Please note we do no endorse the collection or consumption of this mushroom for personal use. Caution is advised for mushroom enthusiasts.

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