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Mighty Mushrooms Stickers

Mighty Mushrooms Stickers

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Personalize your gear with our Mighty Mushrooms Stickers, featuring holographic and glossy designs of whimsical mushroom art by Sea. Inspired by countless hours of exploring nature’s hidden gems, these stickers are perfect for adding a funky touch to your skateboard, laptop, or water bottle.

Every sale supports our accessible counselling initiative, aiding mental health efforts. Find more creative designs in our Stickers Collection.

Knowledge & Care

• Die Cut Sticker
• Hand drawn design by Sea
• Sticks well to hard surfaces
• UV resistant
• Fadeproof
• Waterproof
• Scratch proof
• Resistant to Cheetos fingers and other salty particulate matter


As mycelium networks build beneath the earth, mushrooms are emerging as revolutionaries of the material world. These stickers celebrate mushrooms' potential to reshape industries and consciousness alike.

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